How KOLnet Will Redefine Marketing for Web3

It’s not easy getting heard. The great clamor of the crypto market makes it difficult to cut through the marketing noise. Even projects with sufficient budgets to spend can struggle to get the marketing they need, whereas those with captive audiences can’t easily monetize.

KOLnet solves both these problems. It’s the world’s first marketing DEX (decentralized exchange) using IMOs (Initial Marketing Offerings) to connect projects with crypto KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who can deliver authentic communities, streamlining the process for both parties. Let’s explore how and why KOLnet has the potential to completely redefine marketing in the Web3 space.

The State of the Market

Thousands of new and emerging projects may never see true growth and success, as they often struggle to get their name out to the masses. Additionally, many projects often exhaust their marketing budgets without delivering on their KPIs, leaving them without a real path forward.

Meanwhile, there are KOLs (influencers, marketing professionals, and audience owners) who can reach the very people these projects need. The issue is that these KOLs currently lack industry access and an easy route to partnership. In addition, they’re often in the dark when it comes to a project’s needs for promotional activities.

On both sides of the pond, large players scoop the biggest plays (in an inefficient and sometimes ineffective manner), while the others get left behind. It’s like having the guns and the bullets, but no trigger. This is what Web3 was born to solve.

KOLnet is the trigger.

KOLnet: Revolutionising Crypto Marketing

KOLnet will ignite the marketing potential of low and mid-cap crypto projects. To do this, it will energize the longtail of crypto projects and marketing professionals to make the entire influencer marketplace fairer, faster, and more value-driven.

The KOLnet platform provides projects with an opportunity to connect with micro KOLs to help organically promote their initiatives and brand, helping them get on the map and make a splash. To incentivize these influencers, KOLnet locks in commitment from these experts in exchange for access to presale tokens. This model allows for these smaller KOLs to invest in projects they believe in using their marketing services, with deliverable commitments recorded on-chain for both sides.

How KOLnet Powers Projects

Micro KOLs often have smaller, growing audiences that are committed followers. In a standard market, this type of KOL would struggle to sell their services, as the time taken to monetize themselves removes the majority of the value from doing so.

However, their thousand-strong communities will likely actively sign up or pursue any recommendations they have.

Micro KOLs are the key to KOLnet’s growth – they’re more authentic, have wider capture markets, and create small but captive audiences. An audience of one hundred micro KOLs coming together, as opposed to one large KOL, creates a more diverse, heterogeneous, committed, and untapped community. Micro KOLs offering their services for presale tokens  (from a previously non-monetized state) are incentivized in their efforts as their interest is aligned with the project.

With KOLnet, that micro KOL can pledge their deliverable engagement in return for an agreed token amount a project has made available. When their respective audience engages with the content, the KOL’s token fee can automatically execute on-chain.

KOLnet will use Proof of Marketing (PoM) to track deliverables and ensure transparency is maintained, deals are kept, and payouts are continuous. It will also rank micro KOLs so that the best performers rise to the top, giving projects a better line of sight into what they are getting.

The project gets the deliverable value they crave from a previously untapped source and the KOL gets paid for their work from a project’s pre-allocated budget. It’s a seamless process that works well in the interest of both involved parties.

The Perfect Storm

The current KOL-led marketplace often hurts projects, as they often over-distribute presale tokens in return for marketing services that peeter out, with expected marketing content not being delivered either when (or how) they want. KOLnet uses on-chain deliverable mechanisms that are integrated with all major social media websites to set expectations from the get-go.

In turn, this system allows for efficient marketing spending. A project may be more satisfied giving up 10% of its supply for 100,000 followers. If one KOL can become involved and meet that target, they can get a deal signed in a faster and more hassle-free manner. In a situation where several micro KOLs collectively join forces to reach that goal, the entire process can be managed on-chain through the shared liquidity pool.

KOLnet also boosts privacy and reputation protection for KOLs. Marketers can’t be seen ‘chasing’ projects, as it hurts their image and reduces the effectiveness of their marketing if they too avidly pitch themselves.

As a whole, KOLnet offers influencers who deliver an opportunity to do so from a pseudo-anonymous state. Yet, it also forces them to produce results, as there is no shortage of poor behavior by KOLs who leave projects high and dry when the going gets tough.

KOL Me Maybe

KOLnet is truly capturing the essence of Web3. It leverages blockchain technology to find submerged value at the fringes and bring it right into the center, allowing micro KOLs to monetize with a few easy clicks.

It also stops small projects from pouring money into overpriced and inefficient marketing practices. Instead, they receive a wide range of high-quality micro KOL communities that will often follow their favorite content creator’s guidance. KOLnet’s IDO is happening on Gamestarter on June 27th, with registration opening on June 23rd.

The platform’s marketing DEX will set a new standard for how projects get known and rise to the top. Become a part of the revolution and help them best find their voice.

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