NullTX Human Regrowing Teeth

Humans may be Able to Regrow Teeth in the Future

Scientific developments can have a major impact on society. It now appears that human teeth can simply be regrown through a relatively simple medical procedure.

When an adult human loses a tooth, it will never come back.

Regrowing Human Teeth With Stem Cells

The only option to fill the gap is by using a fake tooth, or implant.

Unfortunately, those problems only grow bigger as humans grow older.

Addressing the loss of teeth has proven challenging, albeit a solution may have been discovered.

Gaining the ability to regrow teeth would certainly be beneficial to society as a whole.

Research into this matter is underway, resulting in some promising options to explore.

It appears the patient’s own stem cells can be used to regrow lost or damaged teeth.  

That is the working theory, at least, as human trials have not been conducted yet.

When human trials will officially begin, has not been announced at this time.

A lot more research and development is needed to deem such trials safe. 

Until then, tooth loss will need to be remedied with implants.

That solution has worked well for several decades, as they can serve as genuine teeth.

The downside is how the healing process associated with implants is rather lengthy, and the costs remain relatively high.

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