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An identity is stolen every three minutes, and many people don’t realize they have become a victim of Internet fraud until they suffer a substantial data leak or financial loss. Can this be prevented? Not with a 100% guarantee, of course, because there’s hardly anything in this world that you can be so sure about. And we believe that 99% is still a pretty good rate.

Why Everyone is After Your Identity

Internet users often underestimate the quantity of data they voluntarily give up for everyone to see, as well as the possible uses of the said data. In fact, even the most innocent photos of your cat can lead Internet criminals to your sensitive data.

Here is the list of the information hackers are typically look for:

  • Your account login and password
  • Social media access
  • Credit card data
  • Health insurance
  • Personal or business messages
  • Tax information

Once the malicious user gets access to even a fraction of the data listed above, the victim may suffer from reputational damage, financial loss and other repercussions.

How can you prevent this from happening to you and your family? The answer is easy – use a VPN.

How to Protect Your Online Identity

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection tunnel between you and the web server. A VPN encrypts all your traffic, so no one, not even your ISP will be able to see your online activity, because encryption happens earlier then the ISP get your traffic.

If someone tries to intercept it, it will be of no use to them, as they won’t be able to read it. Moreover, a good VPN service will improve your online experience in many other ways apart from protecting you. For example, you will be able to access previously geo-blocked content, surf the favorite websites, stream media and communicate via social media websites.

But how can you choose a good one in the sea of services that has flooded the market?

Get VeePN – Your Mighty Online Protector

VeePN is one of the best solutions available. Why? For a couple of reasons.

Real No Logs Policy

VeePN abides Panama laws, which means that there is no institution in the world that can force the service to collect and share user data. When the service claims they don’t keep any logs, you can trust them. As soon as you log out, your activity and connection data is lost forever. And, of course, VeePN doesn’t sell your data to any third parties.

Custom Protocol to Conceal the Traffic

In order to overcome geo-restrictions and provide users with better security, VeePN engineers have developed custom protocols called Smart UDP and TCP. These protocols will allow you to stream the content that was blocked before. It’s even possible to watch Netflix, which has become notoriously good at detecting VPNs. Moreover, this invention masks your traffic, meaning no one can see that you are using a VPN service.

Download VeePN now and enjoy the safe and convenient web browsing in a single tap.

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