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In case you missed Tamadoge and Big Eyes presales, Oryen ICO is already in progress and has made 100% profits for its holders

In just over a month, the Oryen ICO has generated 100% returns for its early backers. The project has seen strong support from the community, with many eager to get involved.

Oryen presale is still underway and is another success story on the market. Analysts point to its unique approach to auto-staking and ease of use. Therefore, if you missed Tamadoge and Big Eyes presales, ORY can be an ideal alternative since it is just heating up.

Oryen ICO

Oryen is a new and cutting-edge protocol that aims to develop a new distributed DeFi paradigm. The Oryen ICO offers a unique opportunity to invest in a new project with a high return potential and a 10% bonus on your ORY purchase in the second presale phase. However, prices increase weekly while bonuses reduce, making each hour crucial to get the finest rewards.

Oryen lowers entry barriers, allowing mainstream investors to engage in cryptocurrencies. Those new to space may start earning with OAT without knowing how to handle staking or shifting tokens. A stunning 90% APY is paid to your wallet automatically for holding the coin.

When you buy ORY, you purchase a crypto asset backed by a basket of assets. If the value of ORY falls, you will still have underlying assets backing it up. A risk-free value (RFV) wallet accumulates stable assets from fees on trading to back the ORY price in periods of volatility. This method ensures ORY will always have a stable value no matter what happens with the overall market.


Tamadoge and Big Eyes

Tamadoge is a novel fusion of a meme currency, a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game, and NFTs. The game’s main elements are TAMA, the platform’s native money, and virtual pets in the form of NFTs.

Like other NFTs, these animals may be purchased, sold, or traded. Still, they also contain gameplay characteristics akin to Tamagotchi, requiring users to take care of them to keep them happy and healthy. TAMA, which can be used to buy in-game products or traded for other cryptocurrencies, is given to users in exchange for their work.

Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency based on the cartoon image of a cat called Big Eyes. It is set to launch in 2022 and aims to bring people worldwide together. People can buy, sell, hold, and trade crypto. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will also be able to purchase.

Both projects have been gaining steam and delivering on their promises, making token holders very happy as they stand on substantial profits. The Oryen network is on a similar path and may outperform its predecessors.

Final Words

Choosing the finest investment option might be challenging since so many possibilities are available. However, with high-interest rates and a solid idea, Oryen Network shines through a sea of mediocrity, and there is no doubt that it has immense potential.

With the right team in place and the execution of its roadmap, there is no reason why Oryen couldn’t become the go-to solution to generate passive income for many.

Therefore, if you missed out on the Tamadoge and Big Eyes presales, don’t worry – you can still get in on the action with Oryen.

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