Press Releases Burn Will Massively Shrink Supply and Skyrocket Price – Can it Overcome Uniswap in the Top 100?

Investors in the space will have watched two new narratives developing: the hype surrounding airdrops and catching the next microcap gem.

DeFi will change, and in a meritocratic fashion, protocols with superior value propositions that benefit investors will overtake those that do not. A serious contender for the next DeFi superstar is, whose developers have announced that an enormous token burn will occur. Analysts and traders only ask one question: will Uniglo be able to overtake Uniswap?

Uniglo changes the definition of a store of value. The United States Dollar abandoned the gold standard in 1971 and since has seen its real purchasing power devastated. Uniglo introduces the digital asset standard. Digital assets value-back every GLO token giving them an intrinsic floor price and allowing GLO to benefit from the incoming digital asset revolution.

Digital assets represent the next evolution of money, and global adoption continues at an unprecedented rate. Holders of GLO will be exposed to all this economic activity just by holding a single token. And asset ownership is only one part of Uniglo’s value-creation strategy; the second is scarcity. By employing a hyper-deflationary token model, developers further guaranteed a constantly appreciating price. The latest announcement of an enormous token burn looks set to GLO parabolic, and Business2Community has already realized listing it as one of 2022’s most exciting projects.


Uniswap has done an enormous amount for DeFi. It introduced the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model that facilitated permissionless swaps and supercharged liquidity provision leading to the yield farming craze of 2020. This trustless protocol exists as an economic hyperstructure of DeFi and requires no human interaction for its continued functioning.

However, Uniswap represents DeFi 1.0, and even though the protocol remains immensely successful, the UNI token possesses no value accrual or profit-sharing mechanisms. Investors do not share the protocol’s success, and the calls for profit sharing from investors will likely see Uniswap’s market share steadily wane in the next bull run.

Closing Thoughts

The supply curve- a fundamental economic principle- dictates less supply means a greater price. A huge shrink in supply will lead to a massive rally in price. Uniglo is ready to rip, and early investors will make outlandish gains: a true DeFi gem.

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