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Insider’s Strategic Moves Signal Potential Gains For $PRIME And $TOPIA

Four days ago, the wallet 0x1c4e, associated with an insider of $NPC, made notable acquisitions of 108.3K $MND for $4,823 at a price of $0.04498 per token and 271.11K $KOMPETE for $5,171 at $0.01914 per token.

This wallet, known for its strategic trades, has also been steadily accumulating $PRIME and $TOPIA since October 2023. Currently, it holds 19.5K $PRIME, valued at $179.58K, and 5.77M $TOPIA, worth $156.31K.

Examining the trading history reveals that this insider previously engaged in a long-term accumulation of $NPC, consistently dollar-cost averaging (DCA) over time. This approach eventually resulted in a substantial 100x gain on $NPC, with a profit and loss (PnL) record of $988K.

Now, the wallet is displaying similar behavior with $PRIME and $TOPIA, suggesting a potential repeat of its past success. The insider’s continuous accumulation of these tokens signals a strong belief in their future value and growth prospects.

The wallet’s strategic acquisitions and historical performance make its current activities noteworthy for investors. With $PRIME and $TOPIA showing promise, observing the wallet’s movements could provide valuable insights into potential high-return investments.

As $PRIME and $TOPIA continue to be accumulated, the market may see increased interest and demand, possibly leading to significant price appreciation. This insider’s track record of identifying and capitalizing on lucrative opportunities makes the ongoing accumulation of $PRIME and $TOPIA a development worth watching closely.

Investors should stay tuned to this wallet’s activity, as it could indicate emerging trends and profitable opportunities in the crypto market.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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