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Introducing NullTX Gaming – Fortnite Social Platform

NullTX is proud to introduce its fortnite gaming platform at The platform is built for Fortnite players looking to grow their socials and connect with other like minded Fortnite players.

nulltxgaming fortnite

The platform is currently in it’s Beta stage and we are looking for players to test it. As an incentive to join, we will be conducting weekly challenges where players can win vBucks and Fortnite items for competing.

Currently, the platform is able to track overall and daily user stats for Fortnite, also allowing each player to create and customize their own profiles. You are able to get fortnite stats for any user instantly and without having to register.

Some features that are planned to be released include:

  • Connect to your twitch account and display your twitch stats (followers, streams, clips) on your profile.
  • Connect to your twitter account and display followers, recent tweets, etc.
  • Display the daily item shop for Fortnite

Come and check out out and create your profile today!

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