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is Netflix Making a Documentary About Altcoins?

The cryptocurrency industry is much bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Dogecoin. Thousands of alternative projects exist today, albeit not all of them will be viable for very long. Netflix is seemingly in the process of filming a documentary about the altcoins on the market. A remarkable development, although it can complement their existing Bitcoin documentary.

Netflix and Altcoins are an odd Mix

No one can fault Netflix for continually increasing its number of original productions. The popular global streaming service has funded movies, stand-up comedy shows, tv shows, documentaries, and even anime series in recent years. When their initial Bitcoin documentary was announced, the majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts remained rather skeptical.

That in itself is not surprising. Bitcoin has not received the best of receptions when it used for documentaries or tv shows. Instead, it seems most productions are focusing on the negative side of cryptocurrency. The Netflix documentary, which goes by the name of Banking on Bitcoin, has received some positive reviews. Although there is some information in the production which can be considered confidential, at least Netflix tried to tell the whole story instead of just a part of it.

Although not much is known about the altcoin documentary, some images have surfaced on Reddit. One of those images depicts the set where this documentary is allegedly being filed. It will mention the likes of PACCoin, Global Boost, and a few others. No one knows for sure which currencies were select or what the selection procedure involved exactly. Given the vast number of altcoins, there is a lot of potential content waiting to be covered.

As was somewhat to be expected, this topic raises a lot of questions. While it would be interesting to see an altcoin documentary which is produced by professionals, one also has to wonder what the potential repercussions would be. The altcoin industry ever-changing. Projects which are relevant today may disappear in the next six months. Creating an altcoin documentary which can transcend that aspect will pose many different challenges for Netflix.

Some Reddit users also claim this documentary is expected to air on the video streaming service by 2020. It is evident there is a long way to go before such a video project can even be deemed worthy to air on Netflix. Others claim this will be an eight-part series, rather than just one 90 or 120-minute documentary. Until the company officially confirms any of it, there are plenty of details to speculate about for the foreseeable future.

Given how all altcoins lost a ton of value since late 2017, the timing of this documentary may not necessarily be the best either. There are a lot of bag holders and investors who are genuinely on edge about the industry as a whole. If this video production comes out the wrong way, it may very well trigger a lot of bearish pressure on altcoins. For some Reddit users, that is exactly what they are waiting for. This can be seen from comments suggesting “Shitcoins”¬†as the title for this documentary, among other things.

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