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Is There a Future for Sex Robots or Will They Remain Niche Products?

It has been a very interesting year for sex robots and the associated industry. More specifically, this concept still raises a lot of questions and eyebrows, although there appears to be some merit to it as well. For all intents and purposes, it seems this will remain part of a niche market first and foremost, but that shouldn’t really surprise anyone at this stage.

The Future of Sex Robots Remains in Peril

There is plenty of opposition when it comes to sex robots in this day and age. Despite consumers readily accepting technological innovation without batting an eye, this particular concept is subject to plenty of scrutiny. That is not entirely abnormal, as activists want to ensure sex robots do not take center stage in our society over fears of promoting rape and ill-will, among other things.

At the same time, one has to wonder what the future will hold for this specific technology. So far, it seems the general interest in sex robots remains relatively low, primarily because these units remain incredibly expensive. Additionally, the interest will remain rather niche even if prices come down. Humans often fear technological innovation on a large scale, especially when it comes to a controversial topic such as sexual activity.

Author Kate Devlin explains:

“The taboo surrounding sexuality still hugely impacts our society, even if we’d like to consider ourselves very progressive. Add this to our in-built fear of technological change, especially when it involves a loss of agency, and there you have it: a recipe for complete moral panic.” This isn’t helped by headlines along the lines of: ‘Robots will replace women’, or ‘Men won’t be able to tell the difference’.”

Furthermore, one has to keep in mind the development of sex robots is a niche market first and foremost. Very few models have come to market to date, and most of them aren’t even available for purchase as of yet. Although there will be an indisputable demand for these machines, the average person on the street couldn’t care less about this development or what benefits it may provide.

There are also plenty of misconceptions regarding sex robots. Most creators do not want to create “sexy dolls” but rather build machines capable of offering comfort and companionship to its owner. That development will take a lot of time and effort, yet the stigmas surrounding these products will only make things a lot more difficult for scientists and developers.

Most people are familiar with the Roxxxy sex robot. That model will not necessarily be an example for the rest of the industry by any means, even though it is a very interesting concept nonetheless. People’s expectations run rampant when it comes to the concept of sex robots, but it seems these units will not deliver on expectations anytime soon. As such, it remains to be seen how big this industry will grow in the years to come.


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