Liquid Security Issue is Acknowledged by Blockstream, Patch Coming Soon

Crypto Reddit is currently paying very close attention to a recently discovered bug in the Liquid protocol. Some even claim that Blockstream knew about it and potentially put it there purposefully. 

It has been an interesting week for the Blockstream team.

Blockstream Will Fix the Liquid Security Issue

Facing allegations over a bug in the Liquid protocol is never fun.

Blockchain developer James Prestwich disclosed the security issue on Twitter.

According to Blockstream, they knew about the problem, yet the fix was delayed due to external factors.

In the post, Prestwich seems to indicate that the bug would put all funds on Liquid in potential danger.

Moreover, he claims that the bug was present for at least 19 months.

In an official response, Blockstream acknowledges that a fix is in development with the help of the Liquid Federation.

Moreover the issue itself should not pose any real problems, as emergency backup keys for all funds have never been accessed. 

Blockstream confirms that public communication regarding this Liquid matter could have been handled a lot better.

Moving forward, that situation will change to avoid any misconceptions or conspiracy theories from popping up.

A public Blockstream Help Center will be launched next week, which provides accessible information on Liquid and its current security model. 


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