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Los Angeles Prevents Most Social Activities due to the Novel Coronavirus

Various restrictions on people’s daily lives are being put in place all over the world. This novel coronavirus outbreak is not something to be trifled with by any means. 

Los Angeles is taking ample precautions to prevent a further outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Los Angeles may Lose its Social Vibe for now

For such a social hot spot, these measures will not necessarily go over too well.

Closing down nightclubs, bars, and restaurants is the first major step to be undertaken.

Several exceptions regarding restaurants can be noted, including takeout and delivery. 

It also appears that gyms and entertainment venues across Los Angeles will be shut down for the foreseeable future.

Despite the negative impact the novel coronavirus has, there are some new “positive developments” as well. 

Renters will not lose their housing during the novel coronavirus crisis.

A moratorium on evictions for tenders was announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

There will be ample financial unrest while this pandemic continues to rage across the world. 

Small businesses cannot be overlooked during a crisis like this either.

Los Angeles officials will set up a fund to offer loans to these SMBs and keep them afloat whenever possible. 

More measures are very likely to be announced in the days and weeks to come. 

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