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MANTRA Launches $OM Liquidity Pool On Base, Expands DeFi Opportunities

MANTRA has successfully launched its first $OM Liquidity Pool (LP) on the Base chain. Following approval, MANTRA worked swiftly to integrate $OM into the Base chain ecosystem.

The existing OM/ETH LP on Uniswap, which already boasts over $5 million in liquidity, allows for seamless swaps on Ethereum.

The deep liquidity of the OM/ETH pool is now mirrored on the Base chain with the new $OM pool on Uniswap. This new pool has been bootstrapped with 25% of the existing Uniswap LP on Ethereum, facilitating $OM swaps on the Base chain with minimal slippage.

In the last eight hours, two fresh wallets have withdrawn a total of 12.922 million $OM (valued at $10.79 million) from Binance. Wallet 0xD2A withdrew 4.758 million $OM (approximately $4.16 million), while wallet 0x95F withdrew 8.164 million $OM (around $6.63 million).

MANTRA Set To Tokenize Real Estate Assets For Dubai-based Developer 

In addition to these developments, MANTRA is set to tokenize real estate assets for Dubai-based developer MAG Group Holding. According to CoinDesk reports, MANTRA will tokenize $500 million worth of assets in several tranches, offering yields in the form of stablecoins and $OM tokens.

These strategic moves by MANTRA highlight its commitment to expanding DeFi opportunities and providing robust liquidity options for $OM token holders.

The integration of $OM into the Base chain and the tokenization of real estate assets demonstrate MANTRA’s innovative approach to enhancing the utility and value of its ecosystem. As the crypto space continues to evolve, MANTRA’s efforts to bring deep liquidity and real-world asset tokenization position it as a significant player in the DeFi landscape.

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