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Max Keiser Makes Alex Jones see the Benefit of Bitcoin

Alex Jones is a very interesting individual for a wide variety of reasons. It now seems he has finally come to terms with Bitcoin being a real thing. 

Many mainstream “influencers” have opposed Bitcoin and altcoins for nearly a full decade.

Alex Jones Finally Acknowledges Bitcoin

Sooner or later, they tend to come around.

In the case of Alex Jones, he has admitted how Bitcoin is worth getting involved in.

In fact, Jones regrets the decision of not buying BTC sooner. 

This is a very surprising development that may bode well for the future of cryptocurrencies. 

The confession by Alex Jones comes as a result of an interview with Max Keiser.

Keiser has a way of convincing people about the potential of Bitcoin.

Bringing diversity to the existing financial market is one of Bitcoin’s core strengths.

Over the years, a lot of people have seemingly lost track of this crucial aspect.

Alex Jones also seems convinced that all of the hype coins and vaporware projects are pretty much dead in the water.

That seems rather unlikely, as there are plenty of dubious projects, forks, and clones on the market in 2020. 

Having another media figure validate Bitcoin in his own way is a bullish signal, although it may not impact the price right away. 


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