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YouTube Demonetizes all Coronavirus Content for no Reason

There have been many developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak. YouTube now wants to demonetize all video content related to this topic, which is rather controversial. 

It is evident that the coronavirus keeps sparking numerous debates.

YouTube Continues its Coronavirus Hypocrisy

One would expect a video creation platform like YouTube to welcome discussions and content with open arms.

Although some fake content is created as well, there is plenty of valuable information out there.

Creators deserve to be rewarded for their time and effort.

That will no longer be the case, for the foreseeable future.

Any video related to the coronavirus will be completely demonetized.

According to the company, this is an effort to “reflect the sensitive nature of this event”.

On paper, that makes some sense, but it isn’t necessarily reflecting the reality.

Any world event will generate tons of YouTube content, from which the company benefits directly.

Why the coronavirus has to be treated as an exception, is rather mystifying. 

Some creators have already gotten vocal about this sudden course of action.

It is almost as if YouTube doesn’t want more content related to this sensitive topic. 

It is another example of how quickly things are deteriorating for this popular video platform.

A string of decisions as of late is slowly forcing creators to explore alternative options.


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