#MetaHash – A Self-Sustaining Network Capable of Processing 5 Billion Transactions per Day

At this moment in time, the cryptocurrency industry is dealing with a few issues, including partial centralization, slow transaction speeds and high fees. #MetaHash represents a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network, alongside a decentralized real-time application platform that aims to solve these problems.

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The platform is powered by artificial intelligence, which is used to better synchronize nodes, in order to create a latency rate-based optimal map of the network. The data is then redistributed in a manner that harnesses the network’s entire capacity, capable of processing five billion transactions per day, with a 3 second confirmation time.

Currently, the #MetaHash platform is based on four pillars that work together towards forming a sustainable network. These are:

  • The #TraceChain, which acts as a signal routing protocol, based on machine learning technology. It grows automatically as more high-bandwidth nodes are added to the network.
  • The #MetaApps, whose code works by optimizing the afferent location of application copies, while taking network resources and the financial motivation of owners into account.
  • The #MetaGate, which is the platform’s go-to browser for decentralized application. It also offers a multi-currency wallet, and allows developers to embed #MetaApps and #TraceChain protocols into their applications.
  • The #MetaHashCoin, which represents the system’s digital asset and primary means of payment. The coin is consensus-based and capable of regulating the self-financing aspects of the network’s development process. Users can exchange it to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The design philosophy of #MetaHash will provide great benefits to the crypto industry, as it will allow users to process billions of transactions without the need of leveraging expensive hardware. Additionally, thanks to the #TraceChain protocol, the network is one of the quickest available, with extremely low confirmation times and almost-zero transaction fees.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, it is expected that by leveraging the #MetaHash network, the cryptocurrency industry will see a rapid development, granted the advantages offered by the technology.

Moreover, #MetaHash has announced details around its upcoming public token sale and beginning of forging as an evolution of mining. #MetaHash aims to allocate 920,000,000 #MetaHashCoin (#MHC), equivalent to 10 percent of its token emission. Starting from 12:00 UTC on 29th of June, 2018, and continuing until the goal is reached, interested parties can purchase #MHC for $0.0391 per token (will be accepted in ETH and BTC at the exchange rate at the time of purchase).

The first buyers of tokens will enjoy the attractive initial price which is at least 2 times lower than at the next phase. Moreover, they may also get the maximum advantages of the early forging, the start of which is planned for August of 2018.

In comparison to mining, forging is based on different principles and offers a set of unique advantages for crypto enthusiasts including high accessibility and effectiveness even for smartphone-based forgers, low costs, no overheat and damaging to the environment, and rewards for the use of active tokens in verification and support of the network.

Those who wish to learn more about #MetaHash can visit the official website, follow the team on Medium, join the official chat on Telegram, and check out the presentation video. To apply for the ICO, please submit your request at metahash.org/#ico.

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