NullTX Firefox Extensions Removed

Mozilla Bans Nearly 200 Firefox Addons for Malicious Behavior

Mozilla is on an active crusade to get rid of malicious Firefox addons. Over 175 of these addons have now been removed over the past few weeks.

Browser plugins and addons can pose major security threats.

Mozilla Weeds out Dozens of Firefox Addons

Criminals have often tried to leverage such tools asĀ  a way to steal consumer information.

Mozilla is actively trying to crack down on any addon that looks even remotely suspicious.

With nearly 200 pieces of software removed from the Firefox store, an important first step has been taken.

Most of the addons execute malicious code or steal user data, for a wide variety of purposes.

As one would expect, a large portion of these tools are created by the same developer.

2Ring, known for its B2B software, has been caught offering suspicious plugins multiple times over the past few months.

Letting addons download and execute code from a remote server is highly suspicious, especially when some of that code is obfuscated.

One positive development is how Mozilla is finally cracking down on data harvesting.

Several of the addons being removed engaged in this type of malicious behavior.

The developers of these pieces of code can appeal the decision, albeit it remains to be see if anyone will actually do so.

Once blacklisted, it is very difficult for an app or addon to get back in a company’s graces.

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