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New IoT Botnet is far More Destructive Than its Predecessors

Internet criminals are always hard at work to create new tools and solutions to generate money quickly. A new botnet attack is making the rounds, and it appears far more problematic compared to previous IoT botnets.

Over the years, there have been numerous botnet-type attacks to contend with.

Dark_Nexus is a Very Aggressive IoT Botnet

One of the more recent noteworthy examples is Mirai, albeit it is far from the only one.

It now appears that a new approach to IoT botnet activity has security researchers worried.

Not only can it compromise vulnerable devices, but it also hijacks resources to carry out DDoS attacks.

Such a Distributed Denial of Service attack can cripple online infrastructure in very quick succession.

Interestingly enough, this new botnet has been given the name Dark_Nexus, and it is spreading quickly.

As some may have expected, there is some minor reuse of Mirai and Qbot code.

However, the core modules that make this botnet tick are completely unique, which is problematic for researchers.

So far, at least 1,350 devices have been infected by this botnet, although that number is likely to keep increasing.

The infected devices are currently offered as a DDoS tool on the darknet.

Victims of the Dark_Nexus botnet won’t ever notice that their device has been compromised.

This is a very worrisome development well worth keeping an eye on.


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