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New Launch SmarterWorx Finally Brings True Utility To NFTs, Solana And Fantom Projects Should Take Note

NFT’s appearance is evolving! The worth is rising! The knowledge we previously had about NFTs is being improved for increased utility.

What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets kept on the Blockchain and protected against piracy and proliferation by having their own unique information and identification. They might be tangible things like artwork or real estate. The objects can be purchased or sold since they are tokenized.

NFT markets aid in establishing direct connections between artists and eager viewers.

They are acquired through a procedure called minting.

Due to the euphoria or buzz around it, the NFT niche in the past attracted excessive attention when its market values skyrocketed and then quickly fell. People’s perceptions of NFTs saw a significant shift as a result; they have labeled frauds mostly due to their lack of utility and the difficulty in appreciating their worth. As a result, SmarterWorx was created.

What is SmarterWorx?

SmarterWorx is a multifunctional cryptocurrency invention; it is the first platform in the world to combine real-world arts with their digital twins, or NFTs, and a cryptocurrency token called ARTX, whose value is supported by carefully chosen artworks that are seen as being of great value in and of itself.

With the help of SmarterWorx, art enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors may now use the ARTX token to purchase actual works of art on the Blockchain (it is the home currency of the Smarterworx platform, the very first cryptocurrency asset-backed up by real-world arts).

The goal of Smarterworx is to create a cryptocurrency that has real-world functionality and support, endures over time, and pays long-term investors.

The team completes its purpose by investing in priceless pieces of art that have a track record of being useful. The SmarterWorx team then produces the NFTs of those artworks that will be offered for sale. People may purchase NFTs from SmarterWorx and redeem their contemporary, tangible artwork at any moment using their ARTX (which they may have already purchased). The user is free to keep or sell the acquired NFTs on any NFT platform.

The price of the ARTX token is supported by the profits from the sales cycle of artworks and NFTs. The continuation of this cycle maintains the token constant, growing in shifting market seasons or highly volatile and uncertain periods.

The first round of the ARTX token presale is presently underway, and buyers of the token receive a 20% bonus. The tokens are profitable and may also be used to acquire NFT.

The numerous arguments made above and upcoming advancements unmistakably show that Smarterworx is an NFT-enabling platform that offers genuine usefulness to the niche through bitcoin and authentic pieces of art. As a result, platforms like Solana and Fantom should be on the watch.

Solana & Fantom

A Blockchain platform called Solana is intended to host decentralized apps. It uses the proof of history and proof-of-stake protocols. Also utilized to buy NFTs is SOL, the platform’s native coin.

Fantom is a decentralized platform for crypto-related apps that is highly scalable. It serves as both a platform and an NFT.

Both of these blockchains are known for their NFTs, but none provide the sort of real-world integration that SmarterWorx can offer.

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