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NFT Novatars on Times Square Billboard

These days NY Times Square is witnessing another NFT invasion: this time from the trendiest NFT avatar drop, The Novatar.

The eye-catching visuals of the first aging NFT avatars burst on the Broadway Billboard located between 45th and 46th street and were displayed until February 17.

The 25K limited collection of AI-generated Novatars celebrates diversity and equality of genders, races, styles, and even age. The diversity spreads over the empowering of almost all groups of people.

All Novatars will appear as cute infants then grow up on the blockchain 30 days after the reveal. Moreover, only a baby Novatar holder will decide when to transform their NFT into an adult.

The Novatar collection stands out from other NFT collections as these are the first technologically advanced NFT avatars able to age on the blockchain. Moreover, they imitate real life, assuming that the Novatar can acquire a profession after transformation.

Novatars’ features are written in their genes – basic and optional. Moreover, gene sets depend on the Novatar age. While the babies possess the basic set of 9 genes, adults can develop up to 14 genes, where 10 are basic, and 4 are optional. The large gene pool makes it possible to generate a community of thousands of unique one-of-a-kind Novatars.

When Twitter announced the support of verified NFT avatars, these types of NFTs became the trendiest must-have. NFT Novatars are meant to be applied as profile pictures in social media and avatars in the upcoming metas. To become a digital identity of their holders, a building block to the complex emerging world.

Today, everyone is talking about the NFTs’ future applications in the metaverse, a term that describes the concept of our new digital existence. 

Technologically advanced and all-encompassing metaverses emergence is at hand, coming to replace our physical reality. Very soon, having an NFT Novatar will be more than following the trend.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrencies.

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