nOS Partners with ARK to Deliver Tomorrow’s Decentralized Operating System, Today

Operating systems are the backbone of computers. Complex, large and complicated, these programs are designed to create an interface between the hardware, software and the operator. Today, they have grown and become evermore intricate, with a new breed of OS are starting to emerge. Designed on blockchain, the latest generation of OS is efficient, fast and secure.

nOS: Decentralizing OS

nOS is a blockchain-based operating system in which each application is stored online as a decentralized application, commonly known as a dApp. Leveraging the power of blockchain, the operating software delivers speed, security and flexibility that no other traditional OS can.

Apart from decentralized features, nOS offers programs such as:

  • Open Internet Browser.
  • dApp Gateway (App Store).
  • Crypto Wallet.
  • Built-in Exchange.

ARK and nOS

nOS was originally a NEO NEP-5 standard smart contract that allowed users to interact with programs, much like an OS would. The developers, however, faced a daunting issue. The current ecosystem was not flexible enough to accommodate nOS growth and the search for an ecosystem that could handle the scalability, flexibility, speed and modularity led them to ARK. This is reflected in the thoughts of Dean van Dugteren, the found of nOS:

As nOS evolves, it was important for us to find a flexible framework that does not require us to reinvent the wheel with concepts such as state management and consensus logic. After much research and experimentation, we found ARK to be the perfect solution for nOS. It’s written entirely in Typescript, it’s modular, comes with a DPOS consensus model, and the project is very actively maintained by a smart, passionate, and supportive team.” 

He further said,

ARK enables projects like nOS to build their blockchain with ease. You can program your own transaction types, storage and wallet logic, and much more. It’s essentially as easy as building a centralized app. Those are just a handful of the many reasons why we’re excited to build on ARK and work with the ARK team.

The partnership only signals the long-term relationship both platforms will have. With the testnet planned to launch in September, the two systems will collaborate further to benefit from each other. After the launch of the nOS net, ARK will start integrating its upcoming Marketplace with the variety of features that nOS dApps and modules offer.

Chairman ARK, Matthew Cox, presents the partnership as a perfect example of how flexible blockchain systems such as ARK are answering the need of scalability and interconnectivity of emerging decentralized enterprises:

nOS is further proof that many platforms are still facing challenges with their blockchain technology when it comes to scalability, speed and smart contracts. It’s these challenges that are causing more projects to seek out and adopt a flexible blockchain, with many of these projects drawn to ARK because of our interoperable, customizable and easy-to-implement solutions. We’re now actively working with a number of projects in varying stages of development through our Powered by ARK program and are seeing a mix of interest from parties both creating new ARK Bridgechains as well as those looking to migrate from other technologies. We are thrilled that a project as innovative as nOS found ARK to be the best solution for building their blockchain.

For more information on the decentralized OS, visit their website.

For learning how ARK helps scale blockchain projects, check out their platform.

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