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Novel Coronavirus Update: State of Emergency in New York State

The novel coronavirus crisis continues to create a lot of concerns worldwide. In the state of New York, a state of emergency has been declared as the situation worsens very quickly. 

All countries handling the novel coronavirus outbreak are in a frenzy.

State of Emergency in New York State

This is not a new version of the flu by any means, but rather a pandemic that can have serious global consequences.

As the US is now home to over 370 confirmed cases, several states have begun declaring a state of emergency. 

In New York state alone, there are 76 cases as of right now. 

Declaring a state of emergency is primarily a bureaucratic change that aims to address growing concerns.

Because of this measure, state officials will be able to speed up the purchasing of supplies and hiring of workers. 

This will, in turn, assist local health departments monitoring the thousands of quarantined patients. 

Of the 76 cases, 57 of them are related to a cluster in Westchester.

While this has been confirmed, there are still plenty of regions where the virus can continue to spread.

This news follows a positive test by a driver in New York City.

Due to that test, several dozens of hospital workers have gone into self-quarantine to prevent further spreading the novel coronavirus.

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