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Online Casinos in New Jersey Record Monster Revenue in 2019

Following the growth in internet adoption, several industries have noted an increase in online activity. The gambling industry has been one of the biggest benefactors in this regard, especially in the state of New Jersey. 

New Jersey Welcomes all Kinds of Gambling

Individual states across North America may have their own set of guidelines and regulations when it comes to gambling, both online and offline. Casinos, sports betting brokers, and even high-risk coin pushers all have to be strictly regulated to ensure nothing nefarious is going on behind the scenes.

Not all regions in North America treat gambling in the same manner. New Jersey, for example, is far more open to brick-and-mortar gambling, as well as online casinos. 

It is widely considered to be the largest market for online gambling across the United States today. By using a platform to see a full list of online casinos in New Jersey, it becomes easier to determine where one should place their bets next.  This success can be attributed to the wide variety of online gambling options customers can explore. 

Options include online poker games, sports betting through registered online service providers, and online casinos, among others. With competition heating up in the space, it becomes all the more important to find a resource where one can see the full list of online casinos in New Jersey.

Online Casino Revenue is on the Rise

There are ample statistics to back up these claims. Research confirms that online gambling revenue in New Jersey spiked to $482.7 million in 2019. Compared to other regions in North America where online gambling is allowed, New Jersey is clearly ahead of the pack.

During December 2019 – well before the coronavirus crisis became a global issue – online gambling in New Jersey generated $49.3 million in combined revenue. This is a 70% increase compared to December 2018. Primarily the online casinos contribute to this ongoing growth, whereas online poker noted a slight decline in the same month.

Going by the year-in-numbers, online casinos represent the lion share of the total gambling revenue. Of the $428.7 million, roughly $461.7 million came from online casinos alone. Poker games brought in another $20.93 million, representing a 2.1% decline compared to the year prior. 

As this industry continues to grow and expand, keeping tabs on the different service providers becomes even more crucial. 


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