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Oryen Network, Avalanche, And Zcash: How Do They Compare?

The difference in price action clearly illustrates the fact that not all DeFi platforms are crafted equally. Early Oryen Network investors have witnessed a 250% return in recent weeks; is this something that AVAX and Zcash holders can achieve?

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen Network is growing its market share rapidly. The platform makes DeFi staking an easy and profitable endeavor by utilizing the new, exclusive financial protocol known as Oryen Autostaking Technic, or OAT.

Oryen offers holders of ORY tokens, the network’s native asset, the best returns in cryptocurrency; they receive a fixed annual yield of 90%.

The OAT facilitates ORY’s automated staking and compounding directly to the holder’s wallet. Additionally, Oryen does not have vesting. This thus offers all ICO buyers the same chance to realize presale gains.

All token holders are benefiting from ORY’s price gain of 250% in its 6th presale round as a result of these methods and characteristics. This is anticipated to increase to 320% during the next presale phase, creating hype on Reddit and YouTube.

Zcash (ZEC)

A decentralized cryptocurrency called Zcash was created to protect investors’ privacy and offer anonymity. The Zcash network allows for anonymous transaction making due to its cryptographic algorithms. Investors anticipate that ZEC’s price will rise in light of rising privacy concerns.

However, Monero, another cryptocurrency that also focuses on privacy, has overtaken Zcash in terms of market share. And since Monero has fundamentally superior technology, Zcash’s prospects are bleak.

Avalanche (AVAX)

With the help of smart contracts, the blockchain Avalanche facilitates the use of decentralized apps. The chain is protected by the its native coin, AVAX, which is also used to cover exchange processing fees.

Investors who wish to join the staking pool must hold more than 2,000 AVAX coins. As a result, the AVAX’s price has dramatically decreased from its all-time high and has had a prolonged low. The owners of the coin are not pleased with this.


All investors seeking long-term financial success should consider Oryen as a viable prospective choice. It is still in the ICO stage and has been listed on the Best Presales list.This makes it a wonderful opportunity to invest in when compared to AVX and ZEC.

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