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Oryen Network Gives Attractive APY, Governance, And Asset Backing, Similar To Maker And Curve But Better

In the years since DeFi was launched, various projects have come along that seek to improve the overall user experience. Initially, using DeFi products was cumbersome and offered few benefits besides offering financial services without an intermediary.

However, several projects have come along that have changed DeFi for the better. These projects seek to offer DeFi services that are on par with the mainstream financial system. Two notable examples are Maker and Curve.

Maker, whose native token is MKR, was designed and built as a smart contract platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Its goal is to solve volatility issues that plague the crypto sector. Maker aims to create a decentralized banking system with faster and simpler international payments and P2P transactions.

To achieve this goal, it backs and stabilizes a collateralized crypto coin called DAI stablecoin. DAI is a digital currency whose value is stabilized on a ratio of 1:1 with the US dollar. To achieve this price, it uses smart contracts called Collateralized Debt Positions. On Maker, users can leverage Ethereum-based assets to generate DAI. Once they have DAI, they can send it to others or use it to pay for services and goods. They also have the option to hold it long-term.

MKR, the native token, is not a stablecoin. However, it is still an essential component of the Maker ecosystem. It is used as the utility token, the governance token, and the recapitalization resource. Maker is also used to pay numerous fees used to generate DAI. When fees are paid, MKR is burnt, which reduces its supply. As such, the demand for MKR is directly correlated to that of DAI.

The other notable DeFi project is Curve. Software that relies on multiple coins to operate an automated market maker service focused on stablecoins. Like Uniswap, Curve gives crypto users a means to earn fees while allowing traders to buy and sell crypto without an intermediary.

The main difference between Curve and other Dex is that Curve focuses on stablecoins like USDT and Maker. Its goal is to make it possible to trade stablecoins at low fees with minimal price variations. Curve protocol features a native token called CRV token. It is part of a journey to launch a decentralized autonomous organization where CRV is the governance token.

Oryen Network Offers a Better Deal

CURVE and Maker are impressive DeFi projects offering real-world value to their users. However, when it comes to the most valuable DeFi project, Oryen Network takes the cake. One of the areas in which it excels is APY. While CURVE and Maker offer good APY, they do not come close to the 90% fixed APY offered on Oryen Network for ORY token holders.

Another area it excels in is the rebase rewards payout speeds. Users of the protocol can expect to receive the rebase rewards for their staked ORY tokens every 60 minutes. This is eight times faster than the usual 8 hours offered by other protocols.

Last Thoughts

Oryen Network excels in security, governance, and APY compared to its peers. It is the reason experts expect the price of its native tokens, ORY, to soar by 600% shortly. Those who get in now will reap big when the platform is launched.

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