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Oryen Network Launch Getting Closer, Binance (BNB) Yet To Reveal If They Are Backing The Newcomer

Given the success of its ongoing ICO, Oryen is gearing up for its launch on a high, having exceeded expectations. Its current presale 7 price of $0.21 signifies a 320% increase from its debut price of $0.05.

The presale project is doing so well that analysts expect ORY to attain 100% before the final phase. The next phases depicts an expected price increase to $0.25, and $0.3 as it winds up presale stages.

What’s So Unique About Oryen?

At a time when other cryptos are struggling, Oryen seems to overcome market slumps easily. It’s enjoying wider acceptance, as video reviews positively mention its capabilities. How does it pull this, though? The answer lies in its innovativeness and rich utility platform.

Oryen introduces a passive income platform that auto-compounds hourly gains for a daily ROI of 0.177% and guaranteed returns of 90% annual percentage yield (APY). The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) demonstrates what propelled the ORY’s success. 

The principle of buy, hold and wait to enjoy the gains. OAT stakes and auto-compounds investor assets and allows investors who want early payouts to draw. 

In a quest to cushion investors against unfavorable market conditions, Oryen offers a risk-free value (RFV) wallet backed by treasury support to maintain liquidity always. If the need arises, Oryen treasury can quickly raise additional financial boost or liquidity reserve.

With no token vesting, Oryen auto airdrops to holders’ wallets at a launch price of $0.35. All ICO buyers get an equal chance to benefit. In addition, ORY further fortifies its platform through an audit by SolidProof, hence boosting investor confidence. 

With ORY’s launch looming in late December, BNB is keeping its cards close and has yet to reveal what they think about this newcomer. Nevertheless, Oryen’s performance indicates that it will shoot into the league of established players.

Binance (BNB)

BNB, the brainchild of Binance Exchange, has employed technological advances to attain a stable asset value. It is a native token of the Binance Smart Chain platform destined to rival the Ethereum platform through super-fast transactions.


A native of the Binance Exchange, BNB makes for an excellent investment through its susceptibility to market volatility may dent its achievements. ORY, already up 320% with no signs of slowing down in tandem with other cryptos due to current conditions, is signaling better prospects ahead.

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