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Outstanding Oryen 100% price surge captures the interest Of Tamadoge and Fantom communities

On-chain analysis provides a bird’s eye view of capital movement on blockchains. Investors can see in real-time how investors react to events and how they choose to distribute their capital.

On-chain analysts witnessed a massive capital influx into Oryen from Tamadoge and Fantom communities, following 100% gains: showing that these communities want in before the truly parabolic rally starts.


It’s a rare occurrence to find protocols like Oryen. This DeFi powerhouse pays out the highest stable returns in crypto and delivers this earning process in three steps: buy, hold, and earn. On top of this, smart contracts stake ORY for investors, and smart contracts compound ORY for investors. Oryen represents DeFi at its pinnacle, employing smart contracts to give digital assets incredible flexibility, all with a simple interface for investors.

Oryen is a reserve currency and, like any growing DeFi protocol, needs to bootstrap liquidity from the community to fund its expansion. Oryen’s early adopters who help grow the ecosystem join this protocol at the ground level, and even Jim Crypto– a renowned altcoin researcher- has noticed Oryen. The wheels are in motion, and Oryen’s potential for growth borders on terrifying.


Tamadoge is the native currency of the Tamaverse and is utilized in the market to buy special items for NFTs. This play-to-earn game features a monthly prize pool of TAMA for the best-ranked battlers who have bred and cared for their Tamaverse pets.

The protocol has plans to develop a native metaverse, and rumors fly about a significant push for listings on centralized exchanges soon. Additionally, every purchase made at the market sees a portion of TAMA burnt, meaning the token has a deflationary nature.


Fantom is a layer one blockchain that utilizes a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) instead of a typical blockchain that allows for simultaneous validations. This introduced a new level of scalability, and Fantom’s ecosystem attracted massive amounts of liquidity throughout 2021.

The interest of FTM holders in new projects remains one of the most bullish on-chain metrics for new protocols. Solely due to the sheer number of protocols launched on FTM. Fantom investors possess vast experience and can easily distinguish between short-term noise and long-term value.

Closing Thoughts

This capital allocation from across DeFi bodes well for Oryen. It has all the hallmarks of a disruptive protocol, which can seriously challenge the current hierarchy. This sleeping giant looks ready to wake up, and early investors have every reason to be excited.

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