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Ultra Efficient Double Burn of Creates FOMO among Fantom, Tamadoge and ADA Holders

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible is DeFi’s specialty. Cryptocurrencies perform in ways that fiat will never be able to.

Uniglo is a new DeFi protocol pioneering in DeFi and delivers a masterclass in deflationary tokenomics. The effect on the crypto community has been stark, and FOMO has already gripped Fantom, Tamadoge, and ADA holders.

Uniglo‘s tokenomics put it in a league of its own. The ‘Ultra Burn Mechanic’ outlined in the whitepaper shows that smart contracts automatically burn 2% of every transaction. On top of this, a portion of the profit from vault sales goes to the buyback and burn of GLO tokens. And if this was not enough, Uniglo’s developer team has just announced another colossal burn event. Uniglo represents DeFi’s first hyper-deflationary token and could see some of the most significant gains of any DeFi token in 2022 and 2023.

Business2Community recently listed Uniglo as a token ready to explode in 2022, and their predictions have always been eerily accurate. Aside from its deflationary tokenomics, Uniglo provides a long-term store of value by exposing investors to a unique blend of digital assets stored in the vault that value-back GLO giving it an intrinsic floor price. Easily one of 2022’s most exciting launches and a project every investor should be watching.


Fantom investors have seen thousands of DeFi tokens flourish and die. The Fantom ecosystem remains a breeding ground for innovative protocols, and Uniglo attracting FTM holders remains a hugely bullish indicator. FTM holders have some of the best instincts in DeFi and know a profitable protocol when they see one. Fantom investors have also suffered during the bear market, with FTM heavily retracing, leading many investors to look for a viable long-term store of value.


Tamadoge is the medium of exchange in the Tamaverse. A play-to-earn protocol driven by NFT technology. The Tamadoge NFTs are available to buy on OpenSea. Investors who own an NFT can battle other NFT holders to be in with a chance of winning part of the monthly TAMA prize pool. A meme coin packed with utility and ready to expand into the metaverse.


Cardano holders have suffered more than most throughout the bear market. The release of more scalable alternative layer one blockchains saw Cardano lose market share. And the popularity of layer two scaling solutions on Ethereum has compounded this problem. Despite these issues, Cardano remains in the top ten. However, with staking rewards declining, investors appear uncertain about ADA’s future.

Closing Thoughts

Uniglo’s store of value and ultra-efficient double-burn strategy makes it a natural choice in the prevailing market conditions. Uniglo is a hidden gem within DeFi and a token that will change lives in the next bull run.

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