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Over 2 Million ETH Staked In May, Tradecurve Holders Aiming For 3000% Growth

The popularity of Ethereum staking has grown exponentially since its Shapella upgrade in April. While some analysts were concerned about potential liquidity issues, Ethereum staking has never been more popular, which has been a big boost for the Ethereum ecosystem.

However, Ethereum’s price hasn’t reflected this new attention. As a result, some investors are now diversifying with Tradecurve, which is aiming for a 3000% price increase by the end of Q3.

Ethereum’s Shapella Upgrade Triggers An Influx Of Staking 

Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade has been a big hit throughout the Ethereum community. The upgrade offered a number of benefits, though its key focus was on staking. Post upgrade, Ethereum stakers could unlock assets from the Ethereum beacon chain, which had $30 billion worth of assets locked. Investors feared that many stakers would withdraw their Ethereum following the upgrade, however the opposite happened.

In the last two weeks of April, over 100,000 Ethereum was staked, more than the entire amount of Ethereum staked in March. Now, in May, over 2 million Ethereum has been staked, with thousands of investors staking their Ethereum daily.

However, Ethereum itself has decreased in value by 1.55% in the last month, dropping below $1800 overnight to $1,786 at the time of writing. This decrease has been a big disappointment for many holders who anticipated a price increase following the upgrade. Nonetheless, Ethereum is now in a strong position to capitalize on future market growth and is expected to hit new highs by 2025.

Tradecurve Prepares For A 3000% Surge 

Tradecurve is selling out at record rates during stage two of its presale. Just 20% of the rounds supply remains, with over 45 million tokens already sold. Tokens are currently available at $0.012, though they will increase to $0.15 once stage two sells out, which is on track to occur by the end of May.

Having already experienced steady growth so early during its presale, investors believe that Tradecurve could become one of the top performing assets of 2023. In the next few years, Tradecurve looks to grow exponentially, competing with some of the world’s largest exchanges, offering a better, more streamlined, and fully decentralized alternative.

In 2023 investors are starting to question the security of centralized exchanges. While once considered safe, the collapse of FTX has shown that investors can lose their funds overnight, which has caused many to look for decentralized alternatives. Tradecurve lets investors maintain full control of all assets they purchase and offers both crypto and traditional asset options such as forex, stocks, and commodities.

Investors can get started on the Tradecurve exchange by simply entering their email. No KYC or background checks are required, and external wallets can be used to trade. Another exciting feature of Tradecurve is its focus on education. The platform will showcase an exciting new metaverse academy for new traders, as well as AI and copy trading subscriptions for more seasoned traders.

With analysts predicting that Tradecurve could increase by 3000% in the next few months, investors are buying TCRV tokens at record rates, with some comparing Tradecurve’s presale to the Binance ICO, which has since become one of the best-performing assets in the market.

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