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PayPal Prevents Pornhub Models From Receiving Their Paychecks

Accepting and handling online payments can be done through a plethora of service providers. For Pornhub models, PayPal is no longer an option in this regard.

Earlier this week, it appeared PayPal decided to end its business relationship with independent porn models. The reason behind this decision is unclear at this time.

Pornhub is in a bit of a Bind

Any Pornhub model looking to accept PayPal payments will no longer be able to do so. 

Instead, they will need to flock to other payout solutions, such as Direct Debit or Direct Deposits.

This decision by the payment processor affects hundreds of thousands of performers around the world. 

Especially the lack of upfront communication regarding this decision rubs a lot of performers the wrong way. 

For Pornhub, this also creates a bit of a pickle. The company has many performers who relied on Paypal transactions to get their paychecks quickly and without much friction.

It is evident that this decision will continue to cause problems for companies around the world. 

Many people expect the Pornhub models to flock to alternative payment solutions, such as Bitcoin. For now, that option seems unlikely to happen.

Cryptocurrencies are not entirely off the table. On the company’s site, they do mention models can receive a payout in Verge, an alternative cryptocurrency. 

It is not the first time PayPal suddenly halts payments support for specific types of services.

Several years ago, the company prevented users from making donations to WikiLeaks, among other whistleblower platforms. 


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