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Pepe Emerges As Leader In Meme Coin Surge

The meme coin sector is currently experiencing a notable uptick, with Pepe taking the lead with a remarkable 63% rise and an astonishing surge of over 185% in the past seven days.

According to insights from Lookonchain, as the price of Pepe surged, six wallets seized the opportunity to take profits by selling 1.98 trillion $PEPE tokens, totaling $4.37 million, and yielding a combined profit of approximately $2 million.

Among the notable transactions, wallet “0xa145” deposited 486.72 billion $PEPE tokens, valued at $1.04 million, to Binance just six hours ago, realizing a profit of approximately $515,000, representing a remarkable 97% increase.

Five wallets, possibly owned by the same individual, deposited 1.5 trillion $PEPE tokens, equivalent to $3.3 million, to Binance, resulting in a profit of $1.49 million, showcasing an impressive 82% gain.

Two Whales Takes Profits From Pepe Recent Price Jump

Spotonchain reports that two wallets have capitalized on Pepe’s surge, reaping profits exceeding $650,000 from their investments in $PEPE before its recent spike over the past seven days.

The first wallet, dormant for 1.8 years, returned to withdraw 1.03 trillion $PEPE tokens, now valued at $2.74 million, from Binance on February 25 and 26, realizing an unrealized profit of $1.33 million, indicating a substantial 94% increase.

Wallet “0xd9b” purchased 501.3 billion $PEPE tokens, now valued at $1.34 million, on February 25, yielding an unrealized profit of $660,000, representing an impressive 95% increase.

Pepe’s surge and the resulting profits garnered by investors underscore the dynamic nature of the meme coin market and the potential for significant gains within this sector.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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