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Pepe (PEPE) Rose 21,000% in 4 Days, DigiToads (TOADS) on path to do the same

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss right now, it is the meme coin price rally of the cryptocurrency market. In the recent past, there has been a surge in meme coins that have clocked impressive positive price action. Take the example of Pepe Coin which rose by over 21,0000% in just four days. Another meme coin that has been creating the right kind of buzz in the market is DigiToads. The Ethereum-based meme coin is much talked about because of its next-generation features. The meme coin’s claim to fame is that it balances utility with versatility with a hybrid model. Analysts who have reviewed it believe that it has the potential to follow in Pepe Coin’s footsteps.

DigiToads: The new star of the DeFi market

DigiToads is a meme-based cryptocurrency that amalgamates the features of different crypto models and offers its users various options to earn residual incomes. These options range from staking NFTs, trading tokens, entering giveaways, playing Web 3.0 games for rewards, and bagging monthly rewards. The main cryptocurrency of the DigiToads ecosystem is its native token TOADS. The ERC-20 token can be used for a wide array of purposes that include transactions and participating in the decision-making process. Being a decentralized platform, DigiToads gives token holders voting rights which they can use to vote for any proposals moved by other community members.

The TOADS token can be purchased on presale. Users can buy the token from any of the five remaining presale phases. The presale has been rolled out as a 10-stage process and four of the stages have been completed. With its fifth stage in progress, the DigiToads team has attracted even retail buyers.

The blockchain ico has rolled out a Web 3.0 game that has garnered a lot of excitement among the gaming community. The game entails players competing in a Metaverse swamp for the highest scores. They can take help from DigiToads — a breed of virtual creatures who can be bought or traded. Players also have the option of buying food and potions for these creatures. These items can be bought using only TOADS tokens and a part of their sale proceeds will go back to the prize pool. The winners will be declared every month-end and players with the highest points will be rewarded with TOADS Tokens.

A rather interesting feature of the blockchain ico is that TOADS token holders will be eligible for extra rewards which would be airdropped into their wallets every month. A separate rewards pool will be set up for these rewards by diverting a small portion of the annual profits.

The DogiToads team has decided to donate 2.5% of the annual profits every year to the cause of rainforest preservation. The organizations that would receive the funds will be chosen by the community members.

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Is Pepe Coin headed for a bull rally?

Pepe Coin is among the top crypto coins of 2023 and is based on memes of ‘Pepe, the Frog’ which was the brainchild of Matt Furrie. The meme coin has a native token called PEPE which is also built on the ERC-20 model of Ethereum. The token can be used for all transactional needs of users on the network. What’s more is that if you trade or swap this token, you won’t have to pay any transaction charges. The PEPE token has a deflationary model which means that it can curb price fluctuations. This is achieved by reducing the available supply of tokens and keeping them in scarce quantity. The platform also has a staking mechanism where users can stake tokens to become validators and secure transactions.  According to recent market trends, the PEPE token has been surging ahead. Given its positive price action, analysts feel that it is likely to stay partially bullish in the short term.

DigiToads should be on your list of altcoins to buy in 2023

With Pepe Coin’s recent success and the huge presale funding that DigiToads has raised, things are looking bright for the meme coin sector in the near future. While Pepe Coin has its benefits, DigiToads’ higher growth potential is currently making it a favorite token of analysts. Among the market experts who have reviewed the TOADS token, many suggest that it has the potential to grow by 100x once it gets listed on mainstream exchanges.

For more Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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