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$PEPE Price Volatility: Whale Movements And Holder Profits

After experiencing a sharp 10% price drop yesterday, the meme coin $PEPE saw significant activity from large holders, commonly known as whales.

Two whales notably withdrew a total of 548 billion $PEPE tokens, equivalent to $7.5 million, from Binance. 

The whale with the wallet address 0x8376 withdrew 330 billion $PEPE tokens, worth $4.5 million, and now holds a substantial 1.64 trillion $PEPE, valued at $23.48 million. Similarly, the whale identified as 0xa145 withdrew 218 billion $PEPE tokens, valued at $3 million, and currently holds 567.44 billion $PEPE, worth $8.12 million.

Over 96% Of $PEPE Holders Are Still On Profit Despite Recent Price Retracement 

According to data from @intotheblock, despite the recent double-digit decline following an all-time high, over 96% of $PEPE holders are still in profit. This statistic positions $PEPE as the most profitable meme coin among the major players in the market.

Today, $PEPE saw a 10% price recovery, rebounding from yesterday’s decline. This recovery highlights the resilience and strong interest in $PEPE among investors, particularly large holders who continue to accumulate and hold significant amounts of the token.

The recent whale movements and the high percentage of profitable holders underscore the volatile yet potentially lucrative nature of investing in meme coins like $PEPE. As the market continues to fluctuate, the actions of these large investors will likely play a crucial role in influencing price trends and market sentiment.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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