It is an honor to speak to you. I am Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Watson at Team McAfee. Founder, John McAfee and I apologize for the unexpected intrusion in your otherwise busy day. I thank you for taking the time to carefully read this important message. 
Luke Jenkins has worked for John McAfee for well over one year. His primary duty and trusted responsibilities within Team McAfee (McAfee Crypto Team) are to receive, account for and hold all tokens or payments received by John McAfee and Team. These payments are documented and were received as a result of John McAfee marketing and consulting fees. Luke Jenkins has received tens of millions of tokens to include different cryptocurrencies methods of payment such as ether and bitcoin. The holdings Luke Jenkins is responsible for and refuses to give back is valued fifty to one hundred million dollars (depending on current market value). Our team keeps meticulous accounting for each token; however, millions of dollars may have been embezzled and tens of millions of dollars in tokens have been outright stolen.
The statement herein can be easily verified through numerous methods: Chief Executive Officer is sworn statements, email correspondence with Executive Advisor’s, accounting records of partnerships, accounting records of Team McAfee, smart contracts, eye-witnessed accounts and blockchain technology.
We are currently tracing the amounts. Numerous entities, to include legal departments, token creators, products, investors and the CEO of each exchange in the crypto sphere have been blind copied in this message or notified through other means. There are hundreds of individuals that are cc’d to this email that have sent in complaints to me over the last two months. These innocent people were stolen from and taken advantage if by the most corrupt institutions we have ever seen. HITBTC is one of the main ones but I am now getting terrible complaints about Topbtc and to my surprise even Yobit. Exchanges BE warned, that we will no longer put up with your greed and theft that will truly destroy all we have worked for as a community.
We have investigated and tracked over thirty cryptocurrency addresses in our possession, two members from Team McAfee and possibly one other have been working with HITBTC and a gentleman who claims he is a lawyer who we now know is not. They have chosen poorly and thought they could get away with embezzling funds and sending it to and from HITBTC as a way to launder money in cryptocurrency.
Several exchanges within the last 24hours and partnerships have preemptively came forth with evidence of the intentional malice Luke Jenkins and two accomplices planned as far back as three months ago. Please be advised, we requested on numerous occasions that Luke give back Team McAfee tokens and all funds in his possession. We stressed the seriousness of repercussions and gave many opportunities for him to do the right thing. We tried numerous respectful approaches (documented) to retrieve McAfee assets but to no avail.
We believe Luke Jenkins has been given every opportunity to give our funds back. His absolute refusal to corporate, and incredibly audacious responses to refuse, give no other option than to legally retrieve the stolen funds. It is no secret that Luke’s responses are nefariously submitted with accusations inlaced in extortion. Luke Jenkins parole officer is involved and authorities have been contacted. He and possibly one to two others face severe criminal charges. Considering the amount of money blatantly stolen, and outright defamation of character toward John McAfee and Team, and the overtly disregard for the United States Justice Department penal code has been well noted. It is the last thing we ever wanted for him or any other person; however, Team McAfee’s silence has been mistaken for ignorance. Thus, I’ve decided to pursue any and all persons deciding to use malicious and criminal methods to harm and any and all who choose the same path will be prosecuted.
We will make an example of this incident as they arise. Team McAfee has operated with integrity and with extreme adherence to all laws and statutes. However, former disgruntle team members or people who simply have hatred for John McAfee have decided a path ill-advised. In lieu of recent extortive measures and continued attacks on Team McAfee, I have decided to pursue all charges and legal remedies available to any and all persons, entities, underground movements or institutions that have devious and/or illegal plans.
Freedom of speech is afforded to all; nevertheless, the premeditated and illegal activity, designed to financially or physically hurt someone else will be prosecuted without quarter and at a minimum will be financially detrimental as with HITBTC. Do not fall into the same category as HITBTC and two others who may not know whats happening.
Warning: Any exchange, wallet, person or entity, who receives John McAfee’s tokens or funds and does not immediately return them or block Luke Jenkins and accomplices will be held accountable for excepting stolen funds. We have a responsibility to the crypto community to inform them of fraudulent activity as seen when Hitbtc Exchange decided to embezzle and extort. This type of fraudulent activity and outright theft hurts our community in ways that are incalculable and I pray we work together in hopes of stopping this epidemic within our ranks.
We have had reports of individuals who are not on our team claiming to represent Team McAfee. All current employees of Team McAfee are featured on our homepage Please confirm the identity of anyone claiming to be from our team, and DM me with any doubts. There is no other resource than to verify Team McAFee.
To show the community that we are not bluffing, I will give several examples (not all) of our knowledge of the theft by two individuals working together that were formerly part of Team McAfee: If these individuals are not stopped immediately we will publically ensure on a daily basis that no one is taken advantage of ones who deal in corruption.
This will be the last chance for individuals (some of which are the creator’s tokens) and exchanges to come forward:
3 Million Eristica Missing 
200 million CryptoSecure is missing.
45 million Skraps sent to exchange and one other.
935,520 MTC was sent to exchange (some sold). 
Millions of Docademic have been laundered 
999,980 Sether was sent to HITBTC 
8,490 BTCP was sent to HITBTC
12,599,908 Bez was sent to HITBTC
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