Rivetz Acquires DISC Holdings

Technology is growing and achieving new capabilities each and every day. Despite this, cybersecurity lags behind, and this growing disconnect between the two is cementing a divide between state-of-the-art devices and the security that protects them. Because of this, cybersecurity losses number in the trillions of USD. That’s why Rivetz, a technology and cybersecurity firm, is abandoning dated approaches that inhibit the industry in favor of revolutionary new ways to secure devices worldwide.

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Millions of devices worldwide already have the pieces in place for true security, via the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). With years of development put into it, the TEE allows an unparalleled method of hardware security built into devices, providing security far beyond the firewalls and passwords that have failed time and time again. Rivetz’s groundbreaking technology that makes use of the TEE has gained them significant recognition, including selection for Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase Class of 2018.

Rivetz Acquires DISC Holdings

DISC Holdings is responsible for the development of the blockchain-powered DISC platform. DISC provides users with a framework for managing and transacting digital assets in a manner that is quicker, more secure and more cost-effective than traditional alternatives. DISC has also shown a proactive stance towards user security as support was built in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard. Through this acquisition, Rivetz can enable the platform to provide the tools for users to manage and operate their personal digital assets including identity, budgets, fiat payments and cryptocurrency assets. In regards to the acquisition, Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz, made the following comments:

DISC is providing a proven blockchain-based payment solution for the U.K., and we’re enthusiastic to expand the DISC footprint and feature set by leveraging Rivetz technology. By combining the strengths of Rivetz and DISC, we plan to set a new bar on the consumer mobile payments experience and simplify consumer access to our ecosystem by growing the services of identity, messaging and blockchain.”

A New Paradigm of Mobile Security

As DISC functionalities are integrated onto the millions of devices that contain the TEE used by Rivetz, these devices can connect and communicate with one another while maintaining the utmost level of security, something not otherwise seen throughout the cybersecurity industry. Connected devices will be able to manage and communicate digital assets like never before. This suggests an environment that fosters activities such as e-commerce in a completely secure and efficient manner.

Broader Implications

The ongoing blockchain revolution will imminently shift worldwide markets toward new economic models. From medical records to games, blockchain is fostering an evolution in the way consumers and businesses interact. For mass adoption to take place, consumers must be provided with tools that are simple and straightforward yet unwaveringly secure and empowering. Rivetz, with the help of the DISC platform, has the potential to provide such an environment on mobile consumer devices worldwide for messaging, banking and participation in commerce without fear of theft or error.

That’s why Rivetz, a disruptive, forward thinking leader in the cybersecurity industry is the optimal candidate to create such a framework. Their progressive approach to cybersecurity coupled with their proactive stance towards paradigm-shifting technology is absolutely necessary to serve as an anchor between the architecture of tomorrow and the general population of today.

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