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Scientists Develop Tiny Robots Built From Living Frog Cells

Any development involving robots will always be of great interest. It now appears that scientists have successfully built a robot constructed out of living cells.

That is a remarkable, and somewhat scary, breakthrough.

Living Robots With 100% Frog DNA

The scientists utilized stem cells taken from embryonic frogs for this particular experiment. 

Known as xenobots, these small blobs can move across a petri-dish, self-organize, and gather and transport payloads.

This makes the “birth” of an entirely new living organism previously unknown to mankind. 

How the research will be used in the future, is still up for debate.

One option being explored is experimentation with targeted drug delivery.

Such a solution would require a small living organism capable of completing the task.

While these are from from the robots people have in their mind, they can still to be classified as such, sort of.

The difference is not just the size, but also how these organisms can be programmed, up to a certain extent. 

These xenobots would never have seen the light of day without the use of a supercomputer and complex algorithms. 

This algorithm produced the necessary “designs” to complete specific tasks.

It is a very intriguing breakthrough that puts robots in an entirely different spotlight, to say the least. 


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