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Grayscale Investments to Offer Shares to Investors Once Again

Grayscale Investments is one of the premier companies to expose investors to bitcoin. The company has now confirmed that it will resume the private placement of its shares.

Those shares are offered periodically throughout the year and are now available to accredited investors once again.

Grayscale Investment Shares are Back

For Grayscale Investments, the goal is to reflect the current bitcoin price performance.

For those who want exposure to the world’s leading cryptocurrency, these shares may prove crucial.

The company currently manages over $2 billion in assets, with every share representing nearly 97,000 Satoshi.

Investors buying shares from Grayscale Investment will have them locked up for a full year.

Afterward, shares may be sold at the current market value.

However, the fluctuations of the bitcoin value will reflect on the price of these shares accordingly. 

This move coincides with the recent bullish momentum exhibited by bitcoin and other crypto assets.

The new offering by Grayscale Investments could increase interest in bitcoin accordingly.

However, it is equally possible that this decision will not impact the BTC value in any way.

It has been a good week for most cryptocurrencies so far.

Bitcoin seems on its way to test the $9.000 level again after successfully remaining above $8,000 for an extended period. 

What goes up often tends to come down hard, though. 


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