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Simplex Lets Users buy and Sell Bitcoin Over Telegram

Making cryptocurrencies more useful and usable is a key challenge. Simplex has come up with a way to integrate bitcoin in Telegram, albeit not with a traditional mindset. 

More specifically, this feature allows users to buy and sell bitcoin over Telegram.

Simplex Makes Buying Bitcoin Easier

All users need to do is interact with the Broxusbot. 

This is a very remarkable and intriguing collaboration between Simplex and Broxus.

Those unfamiliar with the first company may want to check it out.

Broxus positions itself as a turnkey platform for cryptocurrency service providers around the world. 

It is only normal that a company such as Simplex would try and push the boundaries a bit.

Given how popular that Telegram is among cryptocurrency users, such a feature makes a lot of sense.

Broxus provides exposure to cryptocurrencies at more than affordable prices.

In fact, the company supports 140 cryptocurrencies and over 10 exchanges,

The question is how valuable such a Telegram bot will prove to be globally.

The service used by Simplex comes at a monthly cost which needs to be recuperated.

This new solution might help introduce more people to bitcoin, either as an investment or a store of value.

The industry direly needs some innovative solutions to onboard new users, as the current status quo has been problematic in many different ways.


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