SRAX Shareholders Receive Right to BIGToken Distribution on September 17, 2018

Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX) has declared that it will be issuing out securities dividends from its subsidiary BIGToken project to its Class A shareholders of its company, and sets the record date for September 17, 2018. This will further buttress their efforts to improve investors and shareholders value in the company.

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About the company

SRAX is a digital marketing and consumer data management and distribution technology platform that derives its market value from the estimated USD $130 billion data marketplace. Their objective is to create a platform where clients can access customized advertising tools to improve their marketing campaigns. So far, their technologies have enabled brands to access core consumers across marketing channels.

Several products have been developed by SRAX. This includes the recently sold SRAXmd (valued at $33.5 million USD, plus other benefits), SRAX social, SRAX reach, SRAX auto, SRAXfan, SRAXshopper, and blockchain identification graph (BIG) token. The company has demonstrated a unique appetite to develop and monetize different new data-related technologies that have the propensity to further expand the ad targeting industry.

The current focus to issue the securities of BIGToken is an important milestone for the company as expressed in SRAX’s CEO and Chairman, Christopher Miglino’s statement:

“We are excited for the Beta launch of BIGtoken, which is working to solve data accuracy for the data market that is estimated to be over $130 billion. As promised, we are issuing a dividend for BIGtoken Inc. We look forward to rewarding shareholders as SRAX and BIG grow.”

It is the expectation of the company that BIGToken meets all regulatory requirements. This would enable them to distribute these securities rights hassle-free once the rights and preferences have been determined by the board of directors of BIGToken.

The BIGToken Platform

The BIGToken is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly-traded company SRAX. The team behind the platform are tasked with the responsibility of connecting consumers who provide their personal data to the data commodity marketplace worth billions in revenue. The aim is to disrupt the consumer data marketplace and create a transparent and efficient exchange of economic value.

The BIGToken platform is the blockchain product currently being developed to provide a consumer-powered data marketplace. This ecosystem will empower individuals to own, verify and sell access to their personalized data. The full features of the platform will include full consumer choice, authenticated and verified data, transparency and a wholesome economic reward system.

The platform will have a robust blockchain network featuring high-end security and open source governance structure to create a system where everyone within the internet space will be able to access verified and transparent data structures relevant to the advertisement industry. The complete value chain is made up of data-providing consumers, marketers, and developers. Participating consumers will benefit as they are compensated for providing verified data. Developers also will be able to expand online experiences on the BIG network.

Consumers will be incentivized to use the BIGapp through the BIGtoken. The whole process has been geared towards placing the consumer at the center of the value chain. They get rewarded with BIGtokens when they sign up with the system, whenever they choose to include their data in the marketplace, and when corporations and third parties purchase access to their data.

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