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Sui (SUI) and Ethereum (ETH) Dip, Sparklo (SPRK) Presale Surges to its Stage 2

With the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, both old and new cryptocurrencies have been getting bearish hits. Recent victims have been Sui (SUI) and Ethereum (ETH).

However, Sparklo, a new investment platform in the crypto market, has been moving above the volatile nature of the crypto market, as it sets to launch the second stage of its presale.

Sparklo Stage 2 Presale to Commence Soon

Sparklo has created the first blockchain trading platform dedicated to trading and investing Silver, Gold, and Platinum bars. The platform is built on the Ethereum network and adheres to the ERC-20 token standard.

Sparklo will enable its users to buy and sell precious metals directly from one another, improving transaction security and speed in contrast to traditional methods of precious metal investment.

The platform’s use of blockchain technology will make it more affordable for investors to acquire and sell silver, gold, and platinum commodities by offering a decentralized platform for greater financial inclusion and efficiency.

Also, thanks to its low transaction charge and quick transaction timeframes, Sparklo will be an appealing option for clients who wish to transfer money quickly and economically.

Sparklo has been certified by Interfi Network, and its liquidity has been guaranteed for a century. Also the team’s submitted KYC application has been completed.

Currently the stage one of the token’s presale is coming to an end with the stage 2 commencing on the 6th of May. The current price of SPRK is $0.019.


Sui (SUI) Drops by 70% After Mainnet Launch

Sui (SUI)’s launch marks a turning point in the advancement of blockchain technology by enabling decentralized programs (dApps) and transactions while also granting users legitimate ownership of digital assets. Developers and builders are liberated to construct without being restricted by complex infrastructure with the help of the foundation.

According to statistics from CoinGecko, the price of Sui (SUI) is now $1.37, which is much less than a 24-hour high of $2. The Sui (SUI) market cap is $718,707,253, with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 and a current circulating supply of 528,273,718, respectively.

The cost of Sui (SUI) has changed considerably over a short period since it launched, as was to be expected. Even though the value of Sui (SUI) has dramatically grown since its introduction, its long-term performance is yet unknown.

Ethereum (ETH) Hits a Bearish Trend

After encountering a little roadblock at the psychological support level of $1800, the price of Ethereum (ETH) has been moving sideways for over a week. The Price of Ethereum (ETH) resonantly generated a bearish flag between two trend lines that were converging during the consolidation stage.

However, the bearish pattern on Ethereum (ETH) makes a breakdown below the support trendline more probable and resumes the current downward trend. If the daily candle falls below the trendline, which would result in Ethereum (ETH)’s price dropping 10% to $1650, the selling pressure on Ethereum (ETH) will increase.

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