TAAS Capital and the Era of Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment

The era of institutional investment looms over the global cryptocurrency markets, as market indicators plummet, while SEC is clearing up uncertainties over the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum. After a successful first year of operations, Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) is expanding into an investment vehicle for blockchain wealth called TAAS Capital Fund, aiming to provide an unrivaled investment outlet for institutional and retail investors alike.

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As it currently stands, various technical and legal barriers prevent professional investors from capitalizing on distributed ledger technology (DLT) markets. Symptomatic of any new market, blockchain assets represent a landscape that often embodies high volatility, low liquidity, and an overall lack of infrastructure.

These challenges represent an inherent need for the next level DLT capital fund, capable of taking on the oncoming wave of institutional investors. That’s the reason behind Token-as-a-Service’s decision to launch TAAS Capital Fund.

In its first year of operations, from May 2017 – April 2018, TaaS has experienced a 780% growth, thus outperforming Bitcoin’s indicators during the same timeframe. Token-as-a-Service executed over 50,000 trades and participated in 35 carefully selected token sales out of a screened pool of over 1,000 projects. This equated to over 32.5 million USD(T) in capital gains, half of which — over 16 million USD(T) — was distributed to TAAS token owners as planned.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, President of TAAS CAPITAL stated: “Established by an international team of experienced traders and investment professionals, TAAS Capital Fund is opening subscriptions to provide a secure, transparent and efficient gateway to institutional and individual investors seeking to diversify into the DLT markets.

Through the utilization of in-house strategies and diligence standards, TAAS CAPITAL employs a six-pronged approach to successful DLT investment:

  • Spot trading of tokens and tokenized securities at optimal positions according to risk-optimized, value-oriented strategies.
  • Arbitrage and algorithmic trading that takes advantage of inconsistencies and inefficiencies across exchanges.
  • Investment in DLT assets that see high network growth and solid game theory fundamentals.
  • Early investment in DLT equities and tokenized securities.
  • Swift reaction to market shifts and changes via dynamic monitoring and evaluation of risks, challenges, and opportunities within the market.
  • Smart rebalancing of portfolio assets to a composite of 10 to 50 assets from a pool of over 100 fundamental assets.

TAAS CAPITAL also aims to protect its investors by being the first fund to be monitored by Luxembourg based blockchain investment platform GPMG. The General Partnership provides a plug and play structure that holds different funds such as TAAS CAPITAL. Each fund initially comes as a Special Limited Partnership (SLP) and exclusively invests in crypto and blockchain.  The promoter of the SLP specifies metrics such as liquidity, investor profiles, and asset allocation. GPMG monitors each component of the fund and ensures that the fund is properly governed in a variety of departments, including audit, cybersecurity, legal, and risk management.

As numerous technical and fundamental components of global cryptocurrency markets hint at the instability ahead, forcing institutional investors to sit on the sidelines, now is the perfect time for TAAS Capital Fund to step up as the heavyweight investment option that streamlines access to DLT markets. The proven track record of Token-as-a-Service and the expertise of its team suggest that TAAS CAPITAL is fully prepared to handle the incoming institutional money.

Subscription to the TAAS CAPITAL is handled via distributing and accumulating share classes. Fiat currencies are accepted, as well as digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. A minimum investment equivalent of EUR 100,000 and KYC/AML compliance is required for subscription.

For more information, head over to the official TAAS Capital Fund Telegram channel.

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