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Blur Sees Continued Bearish Trend As 37.51M BLUR Unlocked And Transferred To Coinbase Prime

Over the past weekend, Blur’s lock-up contract unlocked 37.51 million BLUR tokens, valued at $11.69 million, which were subsequently transferred to Coinbase Prime. This lock-up contract initially received these tokens from the Blur developer team one year ago, and this monthly unlock activity has been a consistent practice since June […]

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Smart Money’s Timely Exit from Cryptocurrency Positions Saves Millions Amid Market Decline

As the cryptocurrency market experiences a significant downturn, one savvy investor’s decision to liquidate positions at the right moment stands out as a wise move.  The recent 7.6% drop in the total market value of cryptocurrencies highlights the importance of strategic decision-making in navigating volatile market conditions. The investor, referred […]