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$LBR Faces Significant Setback As Key Influencers And Stakeholders Liquidate Holdings

$LBR, a project in the LSDfi space, launched by an anonymous team with backing from Tornado Cash funds and endorsed by prominent figures like Blurr.eth ($RFD deployer) and Michael Patryn (@0xSifu), has encountered a substantial downturn.

The project witnessed a remarkable TVL surpassing 100M within a month of its inception but has recently experienced a sharp decline of 48% in the past week and a substantial 62% decrease in the last month.

A considerable portion of the Total Value Locked (TVL), notably contributed by key opinion leaders (KOLs) and anonymous entities, seems to have swiftly offloaded their $LBR tokens. 

Key $LBR Holders Seems To Have Liquidated Their Positions

Blurr.eth, the leading staker in LBR, who previously staked over 34K $ETH (approximately $70M), has liquidated their entire token holdings, with the latest transaction recorded on January 15, 2024.

Sifuvision.eth, ranking among the top 5 stakers with over 6K $ETH staked (approximately $13M), has similarly divested all their tokens, with the most recent action just a day ago. 

Czsamsunsb.eth, another significant staker, previously locking 4K $ETH (approximately $8M), has followed suit, dumping all their tokens within the past day.

Even influential KOLs have joined the trend of divestment. The uncertainty looms over $LBR’s ability to stage a recovery, given its significant plunge from $1.5 to $0.36 in the last 30 days. 

The withdrawal of staking portions has led to a substantial drop in the TVL of the Lybra project.

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