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Crypto Market Sees Surge Amid Historic Quarterly Delivery And Halving Anticipation

The recent quarterly delivery in the crypto market, surpassing $15 billion, has fueled a significant rally this week. Despite the challenge of navigating through this historic delivery, the market has shown resilience, with Bitcoin hitting the impressive $70,000 mark and volatility levels remaining high across major terms. 29 Mar Options […]

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Binance Adds Bitcoin Halving Countdown On Homepage, As CZ Shares His Thoughts On The Event

The Bitcoin halving event has long been a topic of anticipation and discussion within the cryptocurrency community. Recently, Binance added a Bitcoin halving countdown to its homepage, drawing attention to this significant event. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, commonly known as “CZ,” also shared his insights on what typically transpires […]


Bitcoin Halving Timing Analysis, When To Buy Bitcoin: Before Or After The Halving?

The Bitcoin halving event is a critical milestone in the cryptocurrency market that occurs approximately every four years, reducing the reward miners receive for validating transactions. Historically, Bitcoin prices have exhibited intriguing behavior around these halving events. Before the Halving In the months leading up to a halving, Bitcoin often […]

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Litecoin Leads Crypto Payment Ahead Of Halving Event: Reason, Implications And What Next?

Litecoin’s recent achievement of becoming the top cryptocurrency for payments on BitPay, the world’s largest crypto payment processor, is a significant milestone for the digital asset. This accomplishment demonstrates Litecoin’s potential as a practical and widely adopted means of conducting transactions in the crypto space. Litecoin Overtakes Bitcoin The fact […]