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Nugenesis Ecosystems – Upholding the Principles of Monotheism Financial Practices, Paving the Way for Future Application of Islamic and Non-usury Banking

Islamic scholars have long had major issues with whether cryptocurrency is permissible, and is it equal or more appropriate to Islamic finance than Fiat? All Monotheism religions have strict rules around finance, and it historically defines currency as commodities with intrinsic value — gold, silver, metals, tradable products, etc. Some […]

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What are NuChains?

Nuchains are the diverse individual layer-1 blockchains that run in parallel on the Nugenesis Network and are secured by its sovereign consensus and validator set. The key to NuGenesis scalable multichain Network, NuChains share in and benefit from the network infrastructure including and not limited to the Ledgerx.exchange, launch pads, […]