Author: Greg Thompson

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Where to Buy Bitcoin in Europe

If you are presently looking for where to buy Bitcoin in Europe, then it means you already know about the crypto token and are ready to become a part of the financial revolution. In the last decades, Bitcoin has proved itself to have a clear edge over inflation, social instability, […]

NullTX Binance Trading Bots

What You Need to Know About Automated Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency by community support, asset value, and trading volume. This has made many investors interested in its trading. However, like other cryptocurrencies, its volatility can be a challenging issue to overcome, especially as a beginner trader. Many even consider Bitcoin the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization […]


Nugenesis Patented Interactive NFTS to Revolutionize Tourism

The NuGenesis Interactive NFTs can transform the tourism industry, which is already primed by for adoption.  Technology has given rise to a connected generation of smart tourists.  NuGenesis interactive NFTs are ideal to empower trust-building and promote more disintermediation‚ secure travel-related transactions‚ creative loyalty programs‚ traceable tourism products and activities‚ […]