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Cryptocurrency Phishing Scams Leave Victims With Millions In Losses, $100 million Already Lost In 2024

The scourge of cryptocurrency phishing scams continues to wreak havoc, with nearly 57,000 individuals falling victim to these fraudulent schemes in February alone.  🚨 [1/6] ScamSniffer's February Phishing ReportIn February, about 57,000 victims lost approximately $47 million to crypto phishing scams.Compared to January, the number of victims who lost over […]

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$GROK Token Controversy That Resulted In More than 40% Loss In Value And The Counter-Action

Elon Musk’s Grok AI bot-inspired memecoin $GROK has turned into the focal point of a crypto controversy, shaking the cryptocurrency community as questions about its realness come up. Zachxbt raised concerns on X (formerly Twitter) on November 13, suggesting that Grok’s online presence may be a façade with assets repurposed […]


Addressing The Potential Of Cryptocurrency For Illegal Activities: Mitigations

Cryptocurrency, with its decentralized nature and pseudo-anonymity, does have the potential to be exploited for illegal activities such as tax evasion, terrorist funding, fraud, and ransomware attacks. However, it is important to note that the majority of cryptocurrency users engage in legitimate activities, and traditional financial systems are also used […]


Practical Ways Crypto AI Projects Can Help Combating Cyber Security Issues And Fraud In Cryptocurrency Space

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have significantly increased in popularity, disrupting the financial industry. The quick development of the cryptocurrency industry has, however, also drawn bad actors looking to commit fraud and cyberattacks. Innovative approaches are emerging to address these issues, and one particularly intriguing one is the incorporation of Artificial […]

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What is BitcoinAbuse?

The association between Bitcoin and criminal activity cannot be ignored. Criminals favor cryptocurrency due to its wrongfully perceived anonymity. Thankfully, numerous services try to address that situation. BitcoinAbuse is a very intriguing and noteworthy service in this regard. Although it largely depends on community participation, no stone should be left […]