Market Analysis

STEPN PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (November 27) –GMT Faces Rejection After Posting Over 100% Gains In A Month, Looks Due For A Correction

Amid market indecisiveness, low-cap gems like GMT have reached a new milestone following a 15% surge in the last 24 hours. This surge put the asset into the top gainer spot with a traded volume of $487 million. Stepn’s recovery started last month as it bounced off the $0.14 level. […]

step vs stepn move to earn

Move-To-Earn Projects: STEP vs STEPN

Recently, play-to-earn has become a prevalent trend in the cryptocurrency and gaming industry. Now, however, another variation of it has emerged – move-to-earn. In short: users can receive rewards for their physical activity in the form of steps. Will the desire to earn money influence people to become more active […]