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Move-to-Earn-Tips for Popular GameFi Project STEPN

The GameFi concept is getting more and more popular every day. The trending project in the Move-to-earn category STEPN (GMT- Green Metaverse Token) is created by the Solana Blockchain. STEPN is a move-to-earn project based on earning GST (Green Satoshi Token) using your NFTs (Sneakers). Knowing the in-game details and mastering the application increases your income when starting an online game. This article will provide several tips and tricks to earn more from the STEPN platform.

GMT: Governance token of the project, Green Metaverse Token, 6 Billion Total Supply

GST: Utility token of the project, Green Satoshi Token, Unlimited Supply

Game Modes of STEPN

STEPN has three different game modes. Solo Mode and Marathon Mode are active, and Background Mode is passive. Using the solo mode, each NFT creates 5 minutes of energy for each energy bar.

Marathon Mode is used to participate in weekly or monthly marathons and requires paid registration. The average distance of monthly marathons is between 10-15 KM. Weekly marathons range from 2 to 7.5 KM. The registration fee is refunded when you complete the marathon. It would be best to repair your sneakers before you start the marathon mode since this is not possible during the event. 

Your app does not need to be active to earn GST tokens in background mode. This mod calculates the steps you take directly integrated with your mobile device.

Do not forget to complete your registration 24 hours before the start of the marathon.

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How to Use App Efficiently: STEPN Energy

According to the system in the game, each player can use their shoes for a certain period of time. The game starts with one sneaker, and a total of 2 bars of energy is given. Each bar of energy provides 5 minutes of usage time. So you can only use the app for 10 minutes a day to generate GST tokens. Users who reach level 30 have the opportunity to convert their GST to GMT.

Each sneaker in the game is an NFT. These give bonus energy to users based on rarity level. A player can play the game with more than one NFT. However, the maximum energy level is limited to 20 bars to ensure a fair gaming adventure. Even if you have 50 different sneakers, you have 100 minutes of movement per day. You can be rewarded with random Mystery Boxes on the go. These mystery boxes contain the gems you need to enhance the features of the sneaker you own.

There are four different types of NFT Sneakers in the application.

  • Walker: Gets four tokens for each energy bar. (Speed; between 1-6 km/hour)
  • Jogger: Gets five tokens for each energy bar. (Speed; between 4-10 km/hour)
  • Runner: Gets six tokens for each energy bar. (Speed; between 8-20 km/hour)
  • Trainer: Flexible speed range 1-20 km/hours and gets 4 to 6 tokens for each energy bar.

The Stepn app started with 10.000 unique NFT sneakers, and the only way to increase the number of sneakers is by breeding new sneakers from any Level-5 or higher two existing shoes.

Every user must have an activation code to start the game. You can get the activation code from an existing user or the STEPN discord channel. 


Concepts such as play-to-earn and move-to-earn are new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. STEPN stands out as the first project in the Move-to-earn category. Weekly / monthly marathons look interesting to keep players and users connected to the project.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any service.

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