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What Is the J5 Initiative?

Cryptocurrency users have a few interesting habits when it comes to dealing with taxes. This has caused the IRS to launch official investigations involving cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, it seems the agency has co-founded the J5 initiative, or Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement. The J5 Initiative Is Born Various countries […]

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What Is Taxbit?

Filing taxes pertaining to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remains a very big problem for a lot of people. While some interesting tools exist, the process needs to be made easier and more straightforward. Taxbit can be a very helpful tool in this regard, although it may not be for everyone. […]

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What Are Cryptocurrency Trusts?

The topic of cryptocurrencies and taxes has been kicked around a fair few times. It seems cryptocurrency trusts offer a legal method of avoiding taxes. They are not necessarily for everyone, yet they do raise some interesting issues. The Future of Cryptocurrency Trusts It has become apparent that not everyone wants […]