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Insider Nets $1.69M In Two Days With Astounding Returns On Solana Investments

An insider has remarkably turned 23 SOL, approximately $3,300, into 11,229 SOL, or $1.69 million, within just two days, showcasing a series of highly lucrative trades.

The insider’s first notable trade involved an investment of 7.1 SOL ($1,200) into HULK (HULKAMANIA). This investment was made through multiple addresses 15 days ago.

The insider swiftly sold all 190.2 million HULK tokens for 5,760.7 SOL ($974,200), resulting in a staggering gain of 5,753.6 SOL ($973,000), translating to an 810x return on investment.

The second significant trade saw the insider investing 16 SOL ($2,100) into GUNIT (Real Nigga 50) through multiple addresses just eight hours ago.

This investment led to the acquisition of 366.92 million GUNIT tokens, which were promptly sold for 5,491.5 SOL ($721,900). This maneuver yielded a profit of 5,475.5 SOL ($719,800), an impressive 343x return on investment.

Traders Hit Massive 11,229 SOL Profits, Equivalent To $1.69 Million

In total, these trades allowed the insider to amass a profit of 11,229 SOL ($1.69 million) from an initial investment of merely 23 SOL ($3,300).

The majority of these profits were transferred to the wallet “4uh969…5sBV9i,” with 3,070 SOL being moved to Kraken for potential liquidation.

These trades highlight the immense profit potential within the cryptocurrency market, particularly for those with insider knowledge or advanced trading strategies. The insider’s ability to swiftly execute and capitalize on these trades underscores the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of crypto investments.

As always, such activities also raise questions about market manipulation and the ethical considerations of insider trading within the largely unregulated cryptocurrency space.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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